The engineer Ludwig Löser founded the Ludwig Löser machine factory in Ludwigshafen on July 1, 1934

Agile engineer, resourceful entrepreneur and successful top athlete in the 100m run. (German champion in 1926 with 10.6 seconds!)

His entrepreneurial lifetime achievement embodies one of his personal principles in the very best form: “If you prove yourself in sport, you won’t fail in life either”.

Invention ELBA, 1st transportable hand grinding machine

First transportable hand grinding machine.

Patent for the first internal rotor motor.

War bombing

The bombing of Ludwigshafen and the destruction of all private and company property with all means of production caused production to be shifted to the Odenwald.

New start in Speyer am Rhein

After the end of the war, construction of a production facility for hand belt grinding machines at Wormser Landstraße 83 on today’s Roßsprung near SV Speyer.

In the foreground on the left is the private residence of the Ludwig Löser family, with the company building behind it.

Development of machines for the production of wooden dowels

An innovation:

Wooden dowels replace nails and screws for connecting wooden parts in the furniture industry.

The manufacturing process is patented and the machines are exported worldwide.

Further development of the wooden dowel machines

… for cutting and chamfering the wooden dowels.

Construction of the first production hall in Speyer

A larger plot of land can be purchased at Wormser Straße 96 and an assembly hall built. The site initially offers sufficient space for expansion, so that an administration building was added in 1959 and further production facilities in 1963.

Further development of the grinding machines

Machine solutions for grinding problems of all kinds are created.

Close contact with 3M, USA

The close business relationship with 3M brought him into contact with Stephan Bader USA. Start of production of belt grinding machines for metalworking for the European market.

Company and factory buildings